Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More FMQ leaf pattern

While sorting out my studio I came across this top pictured above which my daughter had pieced together about twenty years ago I am thinking she was about 11 or 12 years old at the time.
When I look at this quilt I realise what a fantastic job she had done with the piecing as all the fabric's are poly/cottons not the best to stitch. What a shame Dayna is not a quilter today.
It had been put together as a duvet cover with NO quilting, I took the back off and had to mend about 3 seams that had pulled apart.
I had to try out my new leaf FMQ pattern I just learnt on something bigger than just a small quilt sandwich. I have also added some feathers.

Photo's from the back of the quilt.


  1. Hooooo! This is awesome! And the piecing (at twelve!!! Really someone has patchwork in her/his genes!) AND the quilting!

  2. The quilt is beautiful and the quilting is absolutely gorgeous! I hope someday to be half as good! I've been a hand quilter for years and have just entered the FMQ arena - it's not nearly as easy as it looks! ~Jeanne

  3. The quilting is beautiful. I am sending all my tops to you to quilt!!!!

  4. Wow, fantastic quilting. What a good idea to rescue this.

  5. The leaf motif looks really good on that quilt. Good job quilting.