Sunday, February 27, 2011

"FROLIC INCHIE" and "FLIGHT 12 x 12"

Every Monday Inchie "FROLIC" The butterflies are frolicking in the flowers!!!!!

"FLIGHT" Kiwiquilters 12" x 12" Challenge!!! This is me in flight over the handle bars of a bike in MAY 1963, my birthday is in MAY and my second name is MAY . In 1963 you did not have to wear helments I crashed right on my face and spent a week in hospital.
I am hoping to make these 12" x 12" challenges as a series.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sun Printing

This morning was such a lovely sunny day with no wind , the perfect day for sun printing.
It took me some time to talk Tye into doing this , I mixed the paint for him he then painted a piece of white fabric green. Green is his favorite colour he said. Tye then placed on the dinosaur glow in the dark thingy's he injoyed doing that! So he then did a blue piece with smiley faces, in about 1 hour they were dry, he was so amazed at how it had worked" MAGIC" Tye decided there was one piece for him and one for his Mum. So then we had to paint a piece for Dad. A really neat idea to do with children it really MAGIC!!!!!!

"COSMIC" Inchie

My "Cosmic" Inchie I think I over did the stars, the fabric beneath looked quite cosmic on it's own without any embellishments.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cat testing a new QUILT

I have been working hard on this quilt getting it to this stage just have to borders to add before that great task of basting, not really looking forward to that as this quilt is very big. I wonder how long it will take to quilt this! I can't start for a few days because I need to catch up on the things I have not been doing while putting this together.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fishy Inchie

This weeks inchie " Fishy" I am busy working on a quilt for our new bed " King Size" and also working on my "Halberg" Challenge well that one is ready to be quilted all basted ready to go.
Must get back to the QUILTING!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with free motion quilting

I have been having fun trying out some more free motion quilting, I am pleased with most of the border pattern except, I had trouble going around two of the corners. The fill in design I have wanted to try for a long time. The flower is something I was playing around with ages ago, a bit of painting, the border fabric is also painted it is painted on poly-cotton.

Here is my brother-in-law with the quilt I made him for his 70th birthday in November last year. In the background is lake Rotorua, you can't see as much as you used to as the trees have grown so much.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucy pressing my Challenge

You just can't leave fabric or work around here because the cats think it needs to be pressed, even before you finish it. Luckily I did put a piece of paper over it just in case. Nothing is safe around here they even visit the studio from time to time, I know because they leave little bits of fur behind. Under Lucy is the start of my "Halberg" Challenge. It has been a wet day here today so I have been working on my next 12" x 12" I am excited about this one the word is "Flight" as I am trying to make them a series and things that relate to me I had think very hard on this one, but I am pleased with what I have come up with. SORRY can't post photo until the end of the month. Now must get onto my next inchie the word for that is "Electrifying"