Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today I did a little FMQ

 5 Days before Christmas Day, not the best way to get out of cooking!!!!!

After the first week I found out it was a very bad sprain and a crack in a bone in my ankle.  But the x-rays showed there was an old brake which I did not know about.  How could that happen without knowing!!!!!!!
Check out the cushion!!!!! Found a use for it!!!!!!!!

 One great thing that has come from it is my husband has had to learn to cook after 42 years of marriage now there is no excuse!!!!!!!
I have been watching a lot of quilting DVDs, and doing a bit of red work, reading quilting books BUT today I did a little FMQ using my left foot on the foot control.  I have to keep my leg up as much as possible, then back to fracture clinic on the 11th Jan....................

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December FMQ

The photo's here tell the story!!!!! This challenge was set by Patsy Thompson absolutely love her work, and have lots and lots more of Patsy's work to try.  I must thank SewCalGals for running such a fantastic FMQ challenge for 2012. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!!! I hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas tree of "Jewels"

I have been working on this tree for some time now!!! It is not quite finished as I still have to stitch on the tree and the brooches.   This is made from my Mother-in-laws custom jewelry.  I hope one of my children would like to inherit one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe a grand child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!