Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HOT 12" x 12"

This is my Kiwiquilters 12" x 12" the theme word is "HOT"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Inchie update

Here is an update of my inchies up to next week. This weeks one is half way through the year it will be interesting to see if I can complete a whole year of inchies. The Sister inchie I had a bit of trouble I had tried to make it using the sunprinting method to print the two ballet dancers, BUT the sun did not have enough of whatever it is to make it work in the winter. It worked just last month and I did wait for a really nice sunny day this month.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kowhai Stamp

Feilding Kowhai Patchwork Quilters club will be 25 years old in July this year. Trix set a little challenge for us to do. We had to make a small wall hanging 25cms x 25cms square also had to use a small piece of Kowhai fabric which she gave us, it also had to represent 25 years.
I hope this is something like what Trix was hoping for!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday Inchie "MERRIMENT"

Monday this weeks inchie Merriment, I nearly forgot
I won these blocks at Tote and Gloat the blocks are made by people who attended the Tote and Gloat. I have put the top together and I am going to donate it to my Grandsons school. Hopefully they will raffle it sometime. Now to the quilting of it!!!!!!!! Soon I hope!!!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wall hanging for auction

This wall hanging is for a school auction Made by room one St Joseph's School. The 8 children in room 1 all painted one piece of fabric each, let it dry and them they washed it after about three days. A few days later after I had cut out all the fabric to the size I had wanted, I took the cut fabric and my design wall to the class. All the children of room 1 helped put the fabric's in the order which we all thought looked really nice. The children also drew a flower on paper which I took home scanned then enlarged them to the size which I thought would look good on the wall hanging. I have written the child's name in the flower centre of their flower so all can see who drew which flower. I am very pleased with the result and hope the children like it to.
Check out the children on their blog at Room 1

Thursday, June 2, 2011

12" x 12" SPACE and Lucy's new bed!

Here is my May 12" x 12" for the Kiwiquilters challenge. I wanted to try Yvonne Brown's technique using synthetic felt and then burning it away from the fabric it is stitched to. I have also used the heat gun on this piece.

Last night DH couldn't find Lucy before he went to bed, thought he had locked her in the shed. But no she was not in the shed so maybe she was just outside somewhere. Then tonight Lucy was seen heading for my quilt stand, I didn't notice until I went to get a quilt to do a little added embellishment on. Very cosy bed I think, how many quilts does she need for a soft bed?