Friday, June 3, 2011

Wall hanging for auction

This wall hanging is for a school auction Made by room one St Joseph's School. The 8 children in room 1 all painted one piece of fabric each, let it dry and them they washed it after about three days. A few days later after I had cut out all the fabric to the size I had wanted, I took the cut fabric and my design wall to the class. All the children of room 1 helped put the fabric's in the order which we all thought looked really nice. The children also drew a flower on paper which I took home scanned then enlarged them to the size which I thought would look good on the wall hanging. I have written the child's name in the flower centre of their flower so all can see who drew which flower. I am very pleased with the result and hope the children like it to.
Check out the children on their blog at Room 1

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  1. The quilt is lovely and the kids must be so proud of their work.