Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucy pressing my Challenge

You just can't leave fabric or work around here because the cats think it needs to be pressed, even before you finish it. Luckily I did put a piece of paper over it just in case. Nothing is safe around here they even visit the studio from time to time, I know because they leave little bits of fur behind. Under Lucy is the start of my "Halberg" Challenge. It has been a wet day here today so I have been working on my next 12" x 12" I am excited about this one the word is "Flight" as I am trying to make them a series and things that relate to me I had think very hard on this one, but I am pleased with what I have come up with. SORRY can't post photo until the end of the month. Now must get onto my next inchie the word for that is "Electrifying"


  1. I know only too well about the kitties getting in on the act. I should close the door to my workroom but can't bear the plaintive wails outside,I always end up giving in and letting them in.

  2. This gave me a giggle to start my day :-) Happy challenging....