Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oliver testing a new quilt


Today I started to quilt this disappearing nine patch quilt, I had planned on doing simple quilting then I decided I needed more practising FMQ feathers. So I have used variegated thread to do feathers in the black fabric. By about 9pm my shoulders were aching so thought I would leave the rest until tomorrow, laid it across the couch to admire it and guess who had to test it!!!!
His name is Oliver!!!!!!!


I have now finished the quilting, I have quilted feathers on the outer border in black thread. You will notice on the closeup photo some little bugs have escaped from the quilt WELL!!
I just love the saying " There is no such thing as a mistake! it is an artist opportunity"
while stitching on the border I found a small hole in the fabric OK so unpicking is something I just do not like to do! But really I think it adds interest to the quilt and a talking point.


  1. Haha, that the ultimate test! Oliver tested, Oliver approved. Great quilting, BTW!

  2. Just love those bugs! Someone obviously left the lid off the jar!

  3. Hi Liz - I hope you don't mind but I've nominated your blog for a Liebster award.

    1. Thank you for that! Now lets see if I know what to do next!! I fudge my way though this blogging thing. I just love to share what I am doing!!!

  4. hi liz, love your bugs ! such a clever idea for when we have 'those' mishaps! sue~nz