Friday, April 15, 2011


I have helped the Eden Kindy make this quilt! The children painted pieces of fabric, some square had leaves put on then placed in the sun to do sun printing. They found that very interesting I'm sure. Once all the fabric was painted and dried I took it home washed, ironed and cut it again. One Wednesday afternoon I took my sewing machine to the kindy with all the squares on my portable design wall and the children had turns bringing the squares in the right order. I stitched all the blocks together at the kindy. The next Wednesday I went back to show how a quilt is basted. I have quilted the quilt at home NOW all that is left to do is to stitch on hanging sleeves and a label. I think the children did a wonderful job painting the fabric.

I forgot to say it is going to hang in the foyer of the Kindy!


  1. What a lovely idea and a lovely quilt. What happens to it now?

  2. I forgot to say it is going to hang in the foyer of the Kindy

  3. That is very cool. The kids will love it when it is hanging. Can I suggest it gets hung lowish down so the kids can see it more easily? (Or would that be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs lol!)