Thursday, April 28, 2011

April's 12" x 12" ' COLD'

This is my Kiwiquilters 12" x 12" Challenge for April. "COLD" was the theme for this one.
In 2010 I turned 60. I have years of quilting still to do, so many ideas floating around in my head, not that good at writing I'm afraid, it is the quilting I love. I have to admit I struggle with the artist statements you often have to write when submitting a art or quilted piece for CHALLENGES!!!!!!


  1. What a youngster, I am now 65 and like you, my head is always whirring with new ideas. I go to bed planning and I walk about all day planning, but surely this is better than sitting looking at the wall.
    I know so many people who retire and say that they are bored. I feel so lucky that crafts, especially needlework of some kind (currently crazy patchwork) have always been with me in my life and hope that my eyes and fingers don't let me down in the future.
    As for writing, I just type it all down, put in a few dots and commas and hope for the best. lol

  2. It is beautiful Liz. The quilt says it all. I always have lots of plans in my head but not enough time to do them. I can't understand people who say if I didn't work, I would be bored.

  3. Hi Liz
    Your quilt is lovely ~ got my vote too.
    See you Thursday ~ looking forward to it ^..^