Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How will I quilt the Black Border?

WELL! I have quilted the centre part of my wall hanging BUT how will I quilt the black border?

I am pleased with the way I have quilted the sky BUT how will I quilt the black border??????


  1. It's looking really neat - Love the sky!
    First I was going to suggest something like a ripple but you've got that on the brown so maybe the pebble affect, small on the bottom and maybe a little larger at the top, or straight lines to look like a frame. Really it's a tuffy, I would sleep on it for another night :-)

  2. Yes! I think I will sleep on it for a couple of night s, as I will be to busy to do anything tomorrow.Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Looks awesome as usual Liz. You are so talented. How wonderful it was to see you yesterday.

  4. It sure was great seeing you to yesterday. Hope I see you again soon.