Saturday, May 4, 2013

WOW!!!! What a  great day I had Saturday, I just can't believe my LUCK!!!!!
I did have some other exciting things happen but can't concentrate enough to put them into words at the moment so maybe a bit later in the week!!!! 
The theme for this challenge was!!!
We had a paper serviette to get our inspiration from (our own choice) at the moment  mine are not with me so I cannot  post a photo, Sorry........................

WELL! What can I say .............Cindy Needham what an amazing Lady
I have attended one class with her on Friday. then Cindy was the guest speaker at Tote and Gloat, today I will attend another class with Cindy.  Just couldn't sleep last night so had time to post this because my bags are ready for class.  You must all check out her amazing work I don't think I have seen anything more beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a 12" x 12" made by Paula Shailer


  1. Congratulations. Your work is beautiful. So happy to hear you are able to take another class with Cindy. So is so talented and a wonderful person. Please tell her hi from me.


    1. Thank you and I sure will say Hi to her from you!!!! Thank you for running the FMQ challenge it has been amazing. Cindy is certainly a wonderful lady and very very sharing.

    2. Cindy did a great plug in her classes for Sew Cal Gal blog and challenge. its great.

  2. Congratulations. Your work is awesome.

  3. Well, I wonder how that photo made it in there mrs Tizart ???? lol.
    You did so well. I bet you didnt get much sleep on Saturday night.
    Great classes with Cindy. I really enjoyed both of them.

    Well done Mrs Tizart. Cant wait to see your challenges for next year !

  4. Liz - congratulations again! Luck didn't have anything to do with it - your work is great (apart from the doiley thing :)), but your quilting separates your challenges out way above the others.

  5. Wow - gorgeous work - not just luck I think. Sorry I missed T&G - looking forward to seeing your work at the next RCQ meeting.