Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quilting on the treadle at the Quilt Exhibition

I demonstrated  Free Motion Quilting on a treadle sewing machine for three days of Rose City Quilters exhibition.  I quilted seven and half cushion front top pieces. And had a workout as well, just joking!!!!!

 A closeup of the free motion quilting on the treadle.
 Three of the pieces I did on the weekend!!
Rose City Quilters had a fabric house challenge, I got carried away and made three!  I made a Mouse house, A smurf house and a fairy house. The judging was by the public voting,made by a gold coin vote.  I think there must have been a lot of children voting because my smurf house won!! !  How embarrassing as the other houses were SOOOOO beautiful with so much work put into them.
The ginger bread house got second it is beautiful it was made by Jill Hogg and my tree stump house was third!!


  1. The houses looked so great and congratulations - 1st & 3rd! I would have liked to have made one, but the brain just couldn't figure it out! So glad you did well!

  2. All your houses are gorgeous. Congratulations!

  3. Love the houses nanaxxx