Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need a House Keeper

I am needing a house keeper so I can PLAY on my sewing machine!!!!!!! I have just watched a DVD by Patsy Thompson and have always wanted to do free motion feathers. WELL Patsy's instructions are SOOOOOOOO good and she makes it so easy to follow. I have so much more to try................

I did this art piece after having two of my grand daughters here sewing last week. I was so inspired by what they had done I had to do a piece for myself.
I also watched a DVD by Kim Bradley and I was so inspired by her work also.


  1. Wow wonderful work I must look into her DVD. I am not so good at feathers. You did a great job.

  2. Oh that gorgeous teal water quilt. It reminds me of the coral reef. Lovely lovely work.

  3. I had the wonderful opportunity to take a class from Patsy herself on the 8th. She is, indeed, an excellent teacher! When you leave her instruction you can't help but be inspired!

    Jean (formerly Lois, now blogging under my real name)

  4. Lovely Feather and I really like your turquoise art piece.

  5. Wow! It all looks wonderful. I especially like your art piece.

  6. Ill be your house keeper nana xx