Saturday, July 30, 2011

GEOMETRY 12" X 12"

I am not sure if this is really what is expected from the word "GEOMETRY" as you can tell I am trying to do a series, making them in some way tell parts my life story. August is "ORANGE" I have an idea, it will be pushing the bounderies I think!
As these are just a challenge it doesn't really matter to anyone but myself, I have to admit I am enjoying the process of these challenges.


  1. I think it is a clever use of Geometry. Another lovely 12x12. What is the story behind this one?

  2. Colgate was Colin's nick name, I met him in 1967, he drove a Black Austin A35 and lived in Edinburgh St.

  3. I too think it's a clever use of Geometry.
    Love the story behind it too ^..^

  4. What a wonderful block, and it is very clever for Geometry. The best thing, it is always going to have people asking about it so you can tell the story.