Saturday, March 26, 2011

Table Runner

Here is the result of the fabric rubbings below. Sometimes when you image something it doesn't always work out BUT this one has worked I am pleased with my result. This was supposed to be a challenge for later in the year, BUT I just had to share it, SO I will have to come up with a different one for my challenge!!!!!


  1. Hi Lize

    I love the leaf table runner. How did you do the edges?

  2. Hi Helen
    I have just cut it, raw edge the fabric is very tight weave and does not fray much at all!!!

  3. Wow, Liz you never cease to amaze me with your ideas. Hey did you know Twinchies are the new craze in Europe. Have a look at Stufen zum Gericht on my favourites. You can get blog to translate. My big fingers wouldn't have as much problem doing twinchies. Just gotta wait for the craze to hit NZ!