Saturday, May 1, 2010


Will this was a great surprise Judged second in the advanced section. The judge was "Judy Coates Perez from Chicago, Illinois" . All the challenges were just beautiful. When I saw the competition I really didn't think I had a chance.
Judy was the speaker at Rose City Quilters Tote and Gloat what a wonderful lecture, it has inspired me to try more new things


  1. Congratulations Liz. I should have looked before sending the last email.

  2. Well done. I love the inside framing and lovely light blues in the sky.

  3. Congratulations Liz. YOu are so amazing. I wish you were here RIGHT NOW to help me finish my challenga haha. Hey I seen on my dashboard you put one up about your lizards yesterday but it won't let me see it. Have you posted it or just saved it?

  4. Kayjay
    That just me doing things I don't know anything about what I am doing. Just a mistake!!!
    I have so much still to learn about this blogging.