Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marking the Quilt

Well I am not sure if anyone can work out what I am trying to say here, I love to use Glad Press'n'seal to mark dark quilts. I use this idea for feathers and other biggish shapes BUT found out doing loopity loops or stippling on it is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Far to many little pieces to pull out.

Another Challenge almost finished (I will store it away safely until August) that will make 4 finished and 2 to go.
After the 1st of May I will be able to post my first Challenge of this year.


  1. A good tip Liz. I haven't used my Glad Press'n'seal yet but have struggled with best techniques to mark quilts. Says me who has only just completed quilting her first largish quilt.

  2. Thinking of using it in my first challenge for the year too Liz. Not due till 9th so still time but it might be my last challenge too... I am so over it haha.